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Everyday luxury 

After years of being an avid candle lover and sampling many different brands, I found that my most favourite candles came with a hefty price tag. This meant that I couldn't enjoy them as often as I wanted. Lumi was created to bring high-quality, affordable soy candles to the market, so that the luxury of a candle can be enjoyed more often.


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High quality ingredients 

We use high-quality ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers to make Lumi candles. Contemporary glassware has been selected to add a modern look to your home decor. In addition we use HTP wicks, which are made out of natural fibres. All candles are made using high-end ecosoya wax which is blended with top-quality fragrance oil.



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Small batch process

Lumi candles are made in small batches and are hand-poured in Canberra. Our small batch process allows us to have strong control over the quality. We carefully monitor the wax temperature and measure the fragrance oil to ensure the correct ratio is used. This results in a highly scented candle and a clean burn every single time!



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The final touches

Once the candle has set our tumblers are stickered and sealed with a gorgeous timber lid. Not only does this add to the look it's also practical as it keeps your candle fresh and free of dust. We then box up all our products in stylish, white boxes and attach a Lumi slip. The top-notch packaging means all our products make great gifts and are all ready to go to their new home! 




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The face behind Lumi

Lumi is run by Hannah Love, a twenty-something candle lover! You'll find her pouring all the candles, boxing up the products, running the social media pages and behind the Lumi stall at the local markets. Hannah is lucky to have her talented photographer boyfriend by her side, he is responsible for the branding and product photography.